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Luis ” Sabor ” Tineo

( music producer / DJ / engineer)

Luis Tineo (Born December 21, 1972) Also known as Sabor (pronounced/ Saab-or) is an American music producer, music & film mix engineer & international DJ.

Best known for his extensive work as a sound engineer at some of NYC’s top recording studios with credits that are considered to be iconic projects in the Hip-Hop and Dance music genres. Also know for writing several Latin dance hits like “Tumba La Casa”_and “Damelo” which reached the “Tropical Top 10” Latin billboard charts. Started his journey as a DJ in the Yale college town of New Haven CT.

How It Began

Sabor started by DJ’n high school parties, birthdays & talent shows, this would be the beginning that sparked his interest into other facets of music. In 1992 he moved to New York City and began studies at the Center for the Media Arts (CMA). Here he studied Audio Engineering, Mixing, Post Production & Editing.

Within 3 months of just arriving to NYC and during the time of studying music, his passion, drive and determination led to thinking of ways to work in the industry. With out of the box thinking his plan was to walk into NYC’s famous Rock n Soul record shop and aimed to learn the record label address of his favorite music and knock on doors. This led him to about 6 labels around New York City. The second days try at Rock n Soul armed with the information gathered on his previous attempt now lead him to look for recording studios which led to what was to be one of hip-hop’s most legendary studios “D&D Recording Studios” right around the corner. Here he was to meet, work & create with an incredibly talented roster of artists, producers, and DJs such as DJ Premier, Jay-Z, Nas, Jeru The Damaja, Notorious Big, and DJ Tony Touch to name a few.
Working on songs and albums that have made huge impact in Hip-Hop and dance music that even today are still revered as masterful works of art.


A year later Sabor made his first stamp as a Record Producer and published a dance record called “State of Desire” on an indie label with some underground dance hits.

Although a Hip-Hop fan at heart which started as a young man listening to the likes of Mr. Magic & Marley Marl’s Rap Attack and WBLS late nights, The years passed and now in his teens began to also listen to dance music by way of Todd Terry’s “Yeah Buddy”, “Bango” and Two Without Hats “Breeze” which at the time were big party records.

The musical influences are in part drawn from his Puerto Rican and Dominican decent. The Caribbean rhythms, and classic oldies, introduced to him by his parents, were an enormous part of his development. Growing up in a Hip-Hop culture and also a fan of dance music also contributed to his overall versatile approach to music and sound.

From 1993 – 1996 he became a Latin artist and producer, while engineering for a highly acclaimed clientele.
From 2004-2006 he was again an artist, producer and also CEO of Mosa Music Inc.
From the beginning of his journey till now making the numerous historical contributions to various genres.

Prev. Client lists:
DJ Funkmaster Flex, DJ Premier, DJ Tony Touch, Bobby Konders, DJ Kid Capri, Beatminerz, Benji Candelario, Andrea Martin, Autumn Rowe, Beatnuts, WuTang, Nice n Smooth, Large Professor, Alan Nglish (UK), Junior Vasquez, KRS One, Jay-Z, Jeru The Damaja, 

Most influential and prominent albums worked on were:
Nas – Illmatic, Jeru – Sun Rises in the East, Notorious Big – Ready To Die, Jay-Z – Reasonable Doubt, DJ Tony Touch 50 MC’s (Vol 1-3)- Reggatony, The Piece Maker #1, Blackmoon – Enta Da Stage, KRS-One – KRS [more info]

Labels worked with/ various work:
Sony, Atlantic, MCA, Fonografika (PL), Republic Records (UNIV), PayDay FFRR, Strictly Rhythm, Hedspinn Records, DTP (Ludacris Label), Freeze Records, EMI Latin, Jive, MAW Records.

Working the field

Working in such a creative environment as D&D which oozed the purest form of Hip-Hop in the 90’s which is now referred to as the golden age of Hip-Hop gave Sabor the edge that embodies his unique sound. Versatile producer, accredited engineer and working alongside top tier legendary MC’s & DJ’s/ producers coupled with extensive knowledge of the music business and technical background are the makeup of a veteran music industry professional with a history of managing projects, producing records , and making it to top chart status on credited mediums to back it up.

In 2004 he ran Mosa Music Inc distributed by UBO (Urban Box Office) with the position of CEO/ founder, producer/engineer and recording artist.
Mosa earned the ears of many as the songs “Damelo” and “Me Hace Asi” were topping charts and burning up radio and Tropical Billboard charts. The original songs were remixed by Luny Tunes the first Reggaeton hit making production team who’s credits range from Don Omar, Yankee to Tego and beyond.

Subsequently Mosa was to perform their hits for the biggest Reggaeton concert at Madison Square Garden for NYC La Mega 97.9FM’s 2004 Megaton.

Sabor DJ’n In Johannesburg South Africa for Jeru the Damaja show at the 20 Years of Freedom Festival.
With over 21,000 in attendance






Sabor has produced records for the following artists:

Masta Ace
(One of Hip-Hop’s pioneer Mc’s from the Juice Crew)

Disposable arts
Sabor feat. in documentary HERE: [Disposable Arts Doc]

* Unfriendly Game (was featured in HBO’s Hit TV Show “The Wire”)
* Block Episode

Damien Marley
(The Marley family, song recorded in Tuff Gong Studios Bob’s old house in Jamaica)

Halfway Tree

* It Was Written

(Ludacris artist from DTP)

Self Explanatory

* Backstage ft. Butch Cassidy

(“Damelo”, “Me Hace asi” Reached #8 top tropical singles on Billboard)

The Mosa Project

* Entire album

DJ Tony Touch
(World renown NYC Latino DJ, Sirrius XM)


* Tu Sabes Quienes Somos ft. Eddie Dee

Heather B
(From the early years of KRS One, Heather B. was the first female MC from BDP)

Eternal Affairs

* Live MC
* One Life
* More Than The Music
* What She Don’t Know
* Nobody Knows You

Jeru the Damaja
(Best known from his early productions with a Hip-Hop producer giant DJ Premier)

Divine Design

* True Skills
* Praise The Lord
* Rap Wars

Still Rising

* Entire album

The Hammer

* The Hammer

Whats been up?

Sabor continues to work producing a wide variety of music projects, DJ’n, mixing music & film projects.
Currently Hedspinn Studio and office is based in Brooklyn NY and is where most of the work is done. Apart from content and music creation Sabor has branched out into Pro-Audio and working with brands as product specialist and demonstrator for established brands like KRK, Gibson Pro, Best, Re-Lab, BlueCat audio, KResearch, Accusonus and launched a record label with worldwide distribution thru Sony/ Orchard called HedSpinn Records.

Whats Next?

Having an extensive background in music, business, and Information technology has provided great insight into the future of entertainment. In 2008 Hedspinn, LLC was born out of a concept, mindset and goal of creating a community of producers, artists,and creative individuals like them to share ideas, talk about issues, learn and build relationships with others and also engage with brands that are curated within the interests of the community.

Were dedicated towards keeping a finger on the pulse on technology, innovation, and development in pro audio, engaging content and delivery with a visionary foresight and a responsibility to quality.



Discography OFFICIAL Discography: [Click here]
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